Information About e-Locals

Hi there! You just discovered our test bed for a very cool messaging system. This is just a project in development. But of course if you are interested you are welcome to join in as an alpha-tester, developer, programmer, designer, illustrator, movie-maker, whatever.

What is e-locals

e-locals is a new messaging system with some interesting features. We don't want to go too deeply into detail in this stage, but we can already reveal a few ground breaking features:

  • Geolocation aware messaging. Just try to imagine what this could be and what you could do with it. We're working on it, stay tuned!
  • Platform independancy. The server sysem is designed in such a way that the messenger will work on any system and that it is easy to create a new app for any platform you like. We're thinking about making the API open source.
  • Language awareness. Not only the interface is language dependant, but also your participation.
  • Multiple identities. You want to have a different name, quote and avatar for communicating in a local group than the ones you use for your business contacts? You can do so.
  • Flexibility. While trying to keep the interface simple, e-locals is packed with options. To give just a few examples:
    • Want to add some cool emoticons and suprise your recipients? You can do so!
    • You want to have the quote under your name show up in the local language of any reader? You can do so. You want to have a different quote on every group you participate in? You can do so! And yes, you can different quotes on different groups in multiple languages. But of course if you favor simplicity over flexibility you can stick with just one quote.
    • As a group you want to create a new group? You can do so, so you can for instance have a group of administrators controlling a public group.
  • Privacy. We take this to a new level. Not only can you encrypt all communications, you can also setup your own open source message server which will handle all your traffic instead of us, so we'll stay out of the loop completely!